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Hot Tub Repair or Upgrade: 5 Factors to Consider If You Can’t Decide

If you have owned a hot tub for more than 5 years now, perhaps you have already experienced issues with your home spa. In a hot tub’s lifetime, there will always be a point when you have to ask yourself, “Should I repair or just upgrade my hot tub?”

Unlike cars which can be a necessity, a hot tub is more of a luxury appliance. When it comes to luxury, you will often want the best you can afford. So, whether to upgrade or repair it can be a daunting decision. Hot tubs are generally durable and can withstand the test of time. Still, depending on varying factors, their lifespans can dwindle.

There are many things to consider when planning to upgrade. To help you put these things into perspective, we have prepared a foolproof list of factors to think about when you’re lost between the two options.

Short answer: if your hot tub still works, it’s probably best to just get it repaired.

Your Hot Tub’s Age

As mentioned earlier, hot tubs are built to last long, with a typical lifespan of about 10 years, maybe more for high-end models. When your hot tub is in its sunset years and its components need repair more often, it could be best to get an upgrade. But, if your tub is relatively new, it’s better to just get minor fixes done than jumping into another major financial investment.

If your hot tub is young and a component breaks, we recommend that you act fast. Remember, the parts are all interconnected, so what’s broken today may affect other components next week. Replacing a single jet may not affect your overall experience. Still, if ignored, it can give off unnecessary pressure to the pipes, which may then affect the heater or filter. Act fast!

Your Hot Tub’s Effectivity

Are you still using your hot tub to genuinely relax or just because it’s an expense you don’t want to put to waste?

Hot tub technology is continuously innovating towards a more effective rejuvenation. Every year, hot tub brands outdo their last year’s best model, and this makes for an extremely enticing temptation for hot tub owners to upgrade.

Of course, older models may have fewer and weaker jets compared to the ones released last month. Older models can have steeper seats and lesser lights. Still, only you can answer the question we asked earlier. If you are still genuinely relaxed, then keep it.

Your Hot Tub’s Power Efficiency

Due to growing environmental concerns, power efficiency in all industries has become a great progressive trend. Hot tubs are no exception. Newer hot tubs are therefore more energy efficient and generate less carbon footprint. This is good not only for the environment but also for our monthly bills.

We know that getting a new hot tub is not as easy as getting a new rice cooker, but investing in a new home spa can look better for your monthly bill in the long haul.

Your Hot Tub’s Resell Value vs. Repair Expense

Another factor to think about is your hot tub’s resell value compared with your repair expenses. For an accurate idea of how much your hot tub is worth second-hand, you can contact a trusted dealer or salesman.

A hot tub’s resell value depends not only on its make and model but how smooth it still runs. 9 times out of 10, getting a hot tub repaired or refurbished is cheaper than disposing your old one. When you hire service professionals like us, we will diagnose the problem and get it fixed in no time. At the same time, we will make sure to be gentle in the pockets.

Your Hot Tub’s Components

Most of the issues of your hot tub can be solved by skilled repairmen. Sometimes, replacement is a better option than fixing, but what if your tub is nearing the end of its lifespan and the components you need are no longer produced?

This is probably the most common issue among hot tub owners—which begs the question: “Should I still repair my hot tub or just upgrade?”

Given the swift innovation in technology and rising environmental concerns, hot tub components can go after-market and become rare. Service centers such as ourselves are specialized in repairing or finding these components to minimize your expenses. Call us today at [number]

Think About It

One of the biggest concerns people have, is the carbon footprint a hot tub produces during the stretch of its lifetime. Articles after articles on the internet are written to convince consumers to ditch their old appliances and even cars for new ones that emit less carbon. But if we think about it, manufacturing these new appliances also produces a lot of carbon.

So, the best way to minimize your carbon footprint is to maximize what you have right now while it is still working, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of new appliances every year.

Take all the time you need in the decision-making process and make sure to land on a choice that you are genuinely happy with.