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First Time Buying a Hot Tub? Don’t Fall for these 5 Mistakes

When talking about hot tub baths, everyone’s faces light up, and their lips curve into smiles. For most, the American Dream entails working hard, earning money to sustain the family and others, and watching the sunset while soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day. Just enjoying life.   

New and not-so-new homeowners alike are eager to get a spa installed at their homes. This excitement leads to decisions that are sometimes unplanned or unevaluated. Wrong choices can result in inconveniences in the future.  

People say you learn from your first-time mistakes, but why shouldn’t we learn from other’s experiences instead? So, if you are planning to purchase a home spa, this article is for you. Here, we will be discussing 5 common mistakes that first-time hot tub buyers make. Let’s go.  

Mistake #1: Undecided but goes with the purchase.  

We fix hot tubs for a living, so it’s good business for us when you have one. But we love you enough to respect your decision-making process. Hot tubs are indeed a big investment that needs a major financial realignment. Thus, when you buy one, you must already be certain that you want it for life.  

99% of hot tub owners are surely happy with their decision, which took time. But for the 1%, their hot tubs are just reminders of wasted investments that they see every day.  

We all have different reasons for wanting a hot tub, and lucky enough, various hot tubs are made for different reasons. So, make sure to explore your options and be certain of the make and model of your hot tub.  

Mistake #2: Looking only at the initial cost of the hot tub  

This is perhaps the most common mistake first-time buyers commit. Understandably, the initial cost of the hot tub draws great attention, but they also come with ongoing expenses. These are the expenses for keeping your hot tub running in its optimal condition. They are chemicals, repairs, and energy costs.  

A home spa can cost $2,000 to $2,500 upfront, but the total cost it will incur can go up to $5,000. A handsome amount indeed, but ignoring ongoing costs may cause more financial problems down the road.  

Mistake #3: Not completely considering where in the house it will be installed  

This sounds like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, there is that one percent of hot tub buyers who end up purchasing hot tubs incompatible with the space they have allotted. The insurance may cover this mistake, but it can be avoided simply by using a plain old tape measure.  

Apart from size problems, an empty space at home may not necessarily be the best place for a hot tub. Consider the situation of your yard in all four seasons. Don’t place the hot tub directly under sunlight because it may slowly corrode your home spa. Do not place your hot tub where water may spill on plant boxes because chlorinated (and salty) water may cause harm to your plants. Of course, do not get a hot tub installed in an area without any sense of privacy.  

Mistake #4: Getting the wrong WPS (Water Purification System)  

There are two types of hot tubs water purification systems, they are chlorine and saltwater.  

To understand this further, we prepared a simple explanation of the two and their pros and cons. You can read them by clicking here.  

Chlorine, the traditional water purification system, makes use of (you guessed it) chlorine but creates by-products that can irritate the skin in great amounts. Saltwater, a rather modern alternative, can be more expensive upfront but pays for itself in the long run. The catch is, it’s banned in some states because salted water kills plants.  

So, before getting a hot tub, familiarize yourself with your city’s ordinances and ask your salesman.  

Mistake #5: Not ready for a long-term commitment  

We know this sounds cheesy, but do not get a hot tub when you’re not ready to commit. Hot tub ownership is not only a financial investment but also a commitment to spend actual man-hours in figuring out which component is acting up and maintaining these machines.  

Of course, this is the area where we come in. We are trained experts in diagnosing problems with your hot tubs and fixing them for you. But, a working knowledge of how hot tubs works and their components will surely save you a lot of money. Here’s another free tip: read our troubleshooting blogs for easy-to-understand articles that will get you a long way.