Hot Tub Date

7 Tips to Steam Up Your Hot Tub Date

7 Tips to Steam Up Your Hot Tub Date

Your anniversary's coming up, and you are drowning in a flood of work. You forgot to book a table for two in your favorite restaurant. You forgot to call the local florist and have no time to run to the grocery to get a box of chocolates.

But wait! You have a hot tub at home!

One of the most common reasons people buy hot tubs is to make every conversation special, any moment meaningful, and all dates extra steamy.

Today, we will get into strategies to plan a simple yet memorable date night for you and your significant other in the comfort of your own home.

Here are 7 tips to steam up your hot tub date.

  1. Aromatherapy

A great way to engage the intimacy is through the olfactory sense. Aromatherapy is relatively safe for you and your hot tub, especially if you purchase hot tub-friendly products such as bath salts, crystals, and capsules. You can also add petals into the water for some pizzazz, but make sure to replace your water after use as these products may make your water murky and smell off.

It's not advised to put essential oils directly into the water. Perhaps, scented candles close to the tub or incense sticks shall do the trick. Remember to keep it simple. Less is more.

If you want great scents delivered to your doorstep, check out this shop!

  1. Music

Let's be real. Music affects our mood.

Background music is not only to fill the air with noise, but it's there to excite us. Music has a strong correlation with our brain's reward system, said Dr. Robert Zatorre, a professor of neurology and neurosurgery at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Dr. Robert goes further by saying that music releases dopamine, our happy hormones. Sex also releases dopamine. So, turn up some Bruno Mars and drop that Versace on the floor.

  1. Refreshments

A hungry date is an angry date.

Of course, make sure you are both not hungry or not starving for the date night unless there is pizza involved. Prepare some occasional bites, perhaps some crackers, small fruits like grapes and cherries, slices of ham. And since you're getting where this is going, pop that top-shelf champagne because the night calls for it!

  1. Lighting

This is quite simple, but many people seem to always leave it out of the equation.

Keeping things romantic entails making the place conducive for intimacy. Make sure your area is well lit, but at the same time, a bit dim. Perhaps you can enhance the overall mood by using candles (the scented ones from the first tip), fairy lights, and other soft lights.

  1. Massage

Now we're talking!

Booking a couple's massage for your special night will make things ten times hotter. This requires a bit of foresight, so if you're at the last minute, we'll cross our fingers with you.

Take note, the best massage experience will come AFTER a dip in the hot tub. Let your hot tub's heat warm up those muscles first. This will enhance blood flow in your body, making it easier for your massage therapist to give you a million-dollar experience.

Also, if you want to enjoy your hot tub again after the massage, take a soapy shower and make sure to wash away the massage oils slathered on your body. They can mess up the chemistry of your tub and make your water hazy.

  1. Relax

This seems obvious enough, especially for a date night, but actually separating yourself from the worries of your work is not as easy as it sounds. Make sure that you have control over your thoughts. A minute or two of silence before the date night might help transition your thoughts from work to date. You can also set boundaries with your spouse to avoid talking about work and keep your phones in a different room.

This night is about you, not about your boss. Unless you're dating your boss.

  1. Repair

Imagine your hot tub suddenly stopping for unknown reasons while you are dating. What a bummer!

Checking your hot tub's components at least once a week will pay off a lot.

Keeping a checklist of things you have to clean, replace, and add to your hot tub may sound like too much work. So, if you don't have the time, we will do it for you.

Have you planned your date night yet? Let us take a look at your hot tub first! Give us a call now at (520)477-0741, and we will be there in no time!

Image by: Mark-Christian Killick-Calver, Unsplash