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My Hot Tub Motor Sounds Loud

One of the main selling points of your hot tub is that it can rigorously circulate the water while being very quiet. Of course, we want it to remain silent, but problems may arise in your motor over time, causing it to hum louder than usual. There are mainly two reasons why your hot tub would sound loud.

First, leakage in your tub can cause the bearing in your motors to rust and corrode. These bearings are relatively affordable and replaceable, but other issues with other components of your tub will arise once they are damaged. A trained hot tub technician will be able to diagnose the situation and give you sound advice (yes, pun intended) as to whether the motor can be rebuilt or replaced.

Second, inconsistencies within the jet speeds may cause loud noises, comparable to a freight train's sound. This happens basically because one of the jets may be spinning at a higher rate while another could be slowing down simultaneously. For your spa to function correctly, all components must interdependently work in a synchronized manner. Otherwise, even for just a short amount of time, you will end up needing to replace a component such as the motors, the control panel, and the circuit board, which can be very difficult to come by.

Take time to listen to your hot tub now and again. Make sure that you know how it sounds like when properly working. Should there be unfamiliar sounds or louder hums, give your trained hot tub care professional a call.

Most of the time, when these problems occur, you will need to buy and replace some parts and components of your spa. Worry not, because we have got you covered. We provide competitive service fees, and we have already established connections for hard-to-find parts. We even deliver chemicals and supplies straight to your doorstep, with a guarantee that you will receive the best value for every penny. Delivery is free if you are in Tucson, AZ, or somewhere close. Call us now at (520)447-0471.

Photo by: Erik Mclean