hot tub dip with champagne

10 Tips to Take Your Hot Tub Experience to the Next Level

Owning a hot tub is like turning your home instantly into a spa or a resort. When we go to resorts, we want to have the best times of our lives, and since your home is already a mini-resort with the hot tub in it, you want to keep all those hot tub dips special.

Here are 10 tips to take your hot tub experience to the next level.

1. Take a Dip After Working Out

After going through your exercise routine, your muscles become stiff—which translates to body pain. Hydrotherapy can help soothe your body by reducing the possibility of swelling and inflammation. Hot tubs can be a part of your physical health journey. Whether you take a dip before working out for a boost of energy, or you treat your pool as a reward for finishing your routine,

Oh, by the way, make sure to rinse yourself first before entering the tub, especially if you've just worked out. This is to keep your water's chemistry in balance.

2. Enjoy It with Your Family and Friends

The hot tub is best enjoyed as a communal activity. Joining your friends or family, getting massaged by the pressure of the water while having great conversations is one of the best experiences you can keep for the books.

3. Enjoy it Alone

No man is an island, as they say, but having some time alone with your thoughts is one of the most therapeutic things you can enjoy. There is tons of evidence that having some time alone and detoxifying yourself from the worries or work and social media noise is beneficial.

4. Go For it After a Tiring Work Day.

I don't know about you, but I'm most eager to go home after an exhausting day because of my hot tub. Slowly immersing myself, taking a long, deep breath, relaxing my tense shoulders and jaws, and just feeling the warmth of the water is the best reward I can give myself once I get home.

5. Try Varying Temperatures

It's called a hot tub because it usually holds hot or warm water, but you can try it cold, too. Bathing in cold water every now and then not only enhances your hot tub experience but also brings health benefits. In fact, evidence shows that cold baths enhance our immune system, reduce inflammation better, and even strengthen our willpower.

6. Try Sticking to a Schedule

We may get a few raised eyebrows from this tip, but putting things on schedule will help you form a routine, and sticking to a routine can save time and energy. If you're scheduled to enjoy your hot tub on a certain day, you can warm the tub earlier instead of waiting for about half an hour the moment you think of going to the tub. It will also be easier to track how often you need to change your water and add your chemicals with a schedule.

7. Infuse Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the cherry on top. Lighting a few scented candles around the pool redefines the experience and will make you feel like an Egyptian royal. You can also try different scents for different days to add some thrill or use the scents to improve other areas of your life, such as lavender, to improve your sleep.

We don't recommend scent infusions in the water because they may mess up your water's pH balance. Candles, dried flowers, or reed diffusers should do the trick.

8. Bring in a Glass of Wine

No need to explain this on; just get your top-shelf cabernet, pour into a trusty wine glass, and feel like you're Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

9. Romance it up, Baby.

Some of the most expensive rooms in hotels are the ones with hot tubs. Often, they come in romance packages with a bottle of wine, a bouquet, and a box of chocolates. No one's stopping you from doing this at home. Make it more memorable with your significant other by making it . . . sek-say.

But, you should always remember to do the deed, not on the tub, as it poses the risk of urinary tract infection or UTI. With that said, foreplay is still on the table—or the tub, for that matter.

10. Keep it Maintained

Of course, a hot tub is meant to alleviate stress, not cause it. Having some components broken every once in a while is inevitable, but being proactive in preventing it can reduce the hassle. Weekly check-ups and are a must. Getting professionals to pay a visit to closely inspect at least every three months (depending on how much you use it) will keep the headache away. It will also not hurt the pocket that much.

We at believe that there should be no headaches with your hot tub. If you are in Tucson, AZ or somewhere close, we will maintain your hot tub for you. Give us a call at (520)477-0741.

Photo by: Karl Paul Baldacchino