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10 Health Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub

While most people buy hot tubs simply for recreation and rejuvenation, these home spas give much more than that. As the world looks for more alternatives to traditional medical treatment, hydrotherapy is taking the spotlight in the recent years.

Today, we will discuss how hot tubs can improve our health in 10 areas of our lives. Keep on reading because even when you think you are as healthy as a horse, hot tubs can still help you mold a healthier body.

1. Better Sleep

One of our most basic human needs is to get enough Zs through the night. But sadly, more and more Americans are not getting enough sleep, and many chronic diseases are attributed to not getting enough shut-eye. Once upon a time, according to Gallup, 84% of Americans get an average of 7.9 hours of sleep per night. That was in 1942, and it almost looks like a dream now, when currently, a bit more than 4 in 10 Americans are not getting enough sleep.

In a 2019 study, a group of biomedical engineers at the University of Texas studied how at least a 10-minute hydrotherapy scheduled 1-2 hours before bedtime stabilizes our body's core temperature and can improve our sleep. They have also concluded that the water must be at least 104 degrees F to aid your circadian rhythm and help you fall asleep up to ten times faster.

2. Stress Relief

We live in a time where truly, the future is uncertain. On the one hand, climate change is an ever-existing threat to our future. On the other hand, the sheer magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic caused unprecedented stress to Americans and the world alike.

As we are acclimating to new living conditions as experts say Covid is here to stay, an increasing number of Americans say that they are stressed out by the pandemic. Nearly 8 in 10 adults (78%) say that Covid-19 is a significant contributor of stress in their lives, according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

Alleviating stress has never been easier with the use of a hot tub, soft music in the background, and maybe a whiff of aromatherapy. So go on, ease those tense shoulders, and clear your mind with a glass of champagne and a quick hot tub dip.

3. Muscle Relaxation

Whether you are an athletic person who has finished his reps at the local gym, or you just finished a long day sitting in front of your computer for 8-10 grueling hours-- your muscles tend to tense up and cause an irritating pain.

The good news, home spas or hot tubs are at your service when it comes to muscular pain. According to this 2014 study called "The Influence of Warm Hydrotherapy on the Cardiovascular System and Muscle Relaxation" there is evidence that hydrotherapy (dipping in a hot tub) alone can cause "clinically significant increases in circulation through the skeletal muscle. . . as well as causing an increase in muscle relaxation."

4. Better Cardiovascular Health

In recent years, hydrotherapy has been getting the attention it deserves when it comes to cardiovascular health. Although there is much more to learn regarding the practice, more studies are being conducted to know how hydrotherapy aids our cardiovascular system.

According to this 2016 study by doctors from the University of Oregon, passive heat therapy (achieved through hydrotherapy) "has widespread and robust effects on vascular function." The evidence shows that hydrotherapy lowers blood pressure and reduces arterial stiffness. The researchers also posed that hydrotherapy can be a viable treatment to improve cardiovascular health, especially for patients with limited exercise tolerance or capabilities.

5. Increased Insulin Sensitivity

This took us by surprise the first time we heard about it. Although the area has not yet been studied thoroughly, an increasing number of research articles are showing great possibilities for hydrotherapy as an alternative or additional treatment to obesity and diabetes.

One of the most promising articles available online talks about how regular thermal therapy may promote insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, the article says that hot tubs and saunas may be beneficial for diabetic control and can decrease hypertensive risks.

6. Burn Calories

For a certain faction of the population, exercising is either physically impossible or finding the time to exercise is a luxury they cannot afford. If we think about it, if all one has to himself is 30 minutes of free time in a day, they will most likely use it to rest, rather than exercise and get all sweaty.

A 2016 study showed that dipping in a hot tub for at least an hour burns the same calories as a thirty-minute walk does. The study also poses that hydrotherapy can be a possible treatment for metabolic diseases. Of course, experts do not recommend replacing good old-fashioned exercise with hot tub dips, but they can be of aid too.

7. Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain all over the body, accompanied by other issues such as mood changes, sleep disorders, memory loss, and fatigue. According to the CDC, it"s a health problem that affects about 2% of the adult population in the US.

There is an ongoing debate among researchers and doctors alike as to whether hydrotherapy helps treat fibromyalgia symptoms. Still, a good amount of technical literature proves the benefits of hot tubs for patients. In fact, a 2008 systematic review on the matter confirmed that hydrotherapy is a "strong candidate" for managing fibromyalgia syndrome.

8. Treatment for Stiff Joints

If you are part of the population that suffers from joint pains because of stiffness, hot tubs are your best friends. It is found that warm water expands blood vessels to let oxygenated blood flow more freely into our muscles, making it easier for our body to repair damaged tissues.

However, experts remind us to not overdo hot tub dipping, especially in extremely hot temperatures. We must also make sure that we are fully hydrated whenever we take a dip. Here's a good read to know more.

9. Lessened Inflammations

A group of researchers at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom conducted a study showing how hot water immersion helped reduce low-grade inflammation in a group of overweight male individuals. Their research also pointed out other benefits of hot water immersion, such as its metabolic benefits and improved insulin production.

10. Lower Blood Pressure

One of the most common indicators of stress is high blood pressure, and it's no secret that hot tubs have the ability to reduce stress among their users. But, to put things into perspective, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Aquatic Research and Education revealed that hydrotherapy significantly lowers one's blood pressure and stabilizing it, thereby alleviating stress from patients.

Take advantage of these health benefits your hot tub offers. Remember to keep you tub up and running; after all, it’s for your health.

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Photo by: Deniz Altindas